Writing in the New Year

Have you considered developing a writing practice as a New Year’s resolution? Have you ever tried it before? Would you like a group to practice with?

There is evidence that one becomes more productive, able to stay more focused and have a better awareness of their reality by daily writing. This feels true for me. For twenty years I have been continuously coming to the notebook, putting my thoughts and feelings and experiences on paper. This writing practice also helps improve my communication with others, my decision-making skills, and my emotional strength.

So, about that group…I have reserved the Study Room B at the Broadmoor Library for Sunday January 8, 22, and 29 and February 5 from 2 to 3:30. I will share what I’ve learned from Natalie Goldberg’s timed writings, Julia Cameron’s morning pages, and my own experience. We will then do several timed writings, and set our intentions for the week. It’ll be fun.

Because this is a small room, I’d like to encourage those who can commit to all four weeks to let me know early, so I can save you a seat. This is not to discourage those who may be curious, but not sure of the commitment. Hopefully there will be room for you too.

Bring a notebook and fast writing pen and come join us.