Day 4

Today I spent the afternoon preparing for this semester. Updating my course pages, filing papers, and organizing for tomorrow’s meeting with my co-teacher. I came home feeling accomplished and wondered what the serendipity was for today. This feeling of being ready for next week? Eh, maybe.

But once at home with my shoes off, I get a text. Melissa tells me there’s a 3 for $1 book sale at Goodwill today. Melissa and I both own Little Free Libraries, the take one leave one book dispenser for the neighborhood in our front yards. I am in need of children’s books. The kids are my best customers. She tells me there are children’s books.

I put my coat back on and head over to the nearest Goodwill store. There are three shelves of jumbled up children’s books. Sigh. I begin reading titles, turning books around so I can read titles, and holding back the books I’ve looked through so I can turn more books around to read more titles.

Click, Clack, Moo and Captain Underpants. Magic School Bus and Amelia Bedelia. A counting book, an animal book, a joke book and Clifford. I sit on the floor to reach the bottom shelf. (The worst part of that is the getting up.) My pile is growing.

15 great books for $5. Yep, that’s serendipity.



teacher/student, writer/reader, friend

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